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From plant to bottle

From plant to bottle

Now the time has come to let you see our first phase of the process ‘from plant to bottle’. It’s the start of a beautiful process that ends with the purest product in the beauty market. After about thirty six months an aloe vera plant is ready for harvesting. There are a number of things that an aloe vera plant needs in order to grow healthy.

  • Environment (location, climate and pests) Aloe vera grows best in and dry and warm area with much sun-light.
  • Soil. Aloe vera can grow in lots of soils but the best soil for aloe vera plants is a less-dense, sand-like, well draining soil. The aloe vera plant also needs space to grow. The minimum space for a plant to grow to full potential is 60 cm x 60 cm.
  • Water. Aloe vera doesn’t need much water. When it receives too much water, from the rain for example, the plant can rot and die. An aloe vera plant can live a long time without any water, it can even survive many Months outside of the soil but the plant will then be in a dormant state and will not produce a lot of the good stuff
  • Fertilization. From the soil, the plant get a lots of ingredients that it needs. But some extra compost is very good for the plant so it gets that extra energy to grow
  • Propagation. The propagation of the plant can be done by three ways: seeds, cutting or pups (babies). The last way is the best way because you can pull it away from the mother plant and then replant it.
  • Harvesting. This process will be explained below.

At our plantation we have about 100.000 plants that get everything they need and we harvest an average of every two weeks. (4 to five days harvest)
What do we do when we are harvesting? First we take a knife to cut of the leaves from the mother plant. A Yellow liquid called Aloine, will already start flowing out of the leaves. The aloine is like the blood of the plant. For that reason we cut off four to six leaves of a plant and not all so there is minimal damage to the plant. This way the same plant can be harvested again 3 months later. The factory is in the centre of all the aloe vera fields. So the harvesting and the production of all the products are at the same location. 3 hours after harvesting, the aloe vera gel is preserved in our tanks. That makes our products 100% fresh. From plant to bottle!

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