Skin Types

Normal skin has a pH of 4.5 to 5.6 depending on the oil balance of the skin. Skincare products that have a pH value within the range of a normal human skin are usually better for the skin. Healthy skin has a healthy pH, as soon as the skin is very oily the skin is less acidic and bacteria can grow in the sebum that is stuck in the pores. A dry, dehydrated skin creates a very strong barrier to sebum being expressed onto the skin’s surface, and this causes blockages. To develop healthy skin, we need to respect and correct the pH where possible and keep the outer layers of the skin soft and supple through the use of good skin care products and routine.

The skin is comprised of:


This is the outermost layer of the skin. It is made up of six layers, and its main function is to protect the body from water loss and against harsh weather. Most layers of the EPIDERMIS are dead skin cells. On top of the EPIDERMIS lies the ACID MANTLE which determines the pH value of the skin. Healthy skin is acidic with a natural pH value of 4.5-5.6. This is made up of sweat, oil and skin cells. The acid mantle forms a natural protective layer against bacteria and external aggression. To protect the acid mantle and thereby the skin’s health, it is very important to use products that will respect and protect the pH.

The Dermis

This is the middle layer consisting of living skin cells. The DERMIS is responsible for the structure and tone of the skin. The Dermis' structure consists of “collagen” and “elastin” fibers produced by the fibroblasts cells. This layer contains Mast Cells for protection against foreign bacteria and infection. Fat cells for protection and heat and a strong blood and lymph supply that brings nourishment and removes waste. A health dermis delivers a health plump skin that is clear of impurities and poor circulation.

The Hypodermis

The Hypodermis is the deepest layer of the skin that is located on top of the muscles. It contains fat cells, blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, and nerves.

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