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3-step Skin care routine

3-step Skin care routine

Do you want to start with a healthy skin in 2019? Use the Curaloe 3-step daily skincare routine!

It’s well known that a pure, healthy skin starts with a proper daily cleansing and moisturizing. That’s why you should start 2019 with a healthy skin.

Curaloe offers a wonderful 3-step-daily-skin-care routine to cleanse and moisture your skin. All of the Curaloe products are made at the Aloe Vera plantation in Curacao. Where other brands use water as a product basis, Curaloe products are made out based on Aloe Vera gel extracted out of the Aloe Vera leaf.

Because of this process all of the good properties of Aloe Vera are directly into the products.

Step 1:

The first step is using the Facial Wash. The Facial Wash is a low foaming product that is used to cleanse the skin. Like all of the other Curaloe Products, the Facial Wash contains pure Aloe Vera gel. In this product the Aloe Vera gel covers 60% of the ingredients. Another important ingredient is Lavender Oil, this ingredient increases the skin elasticity and reduces the formation of scar tissues.

The Facial Wash is used to refresh and clean but also kills bacteria on the skin. Using this Facial Wash will give you a smooth and soft skin.

Step 2:

When the skin is totally clean, the skin is ready for the next step which is the Facial Gel. This transdermal serum goes quickly deep into the skin and it contains a high percentage of 95% pure Aloe Vera the Gel. It cools and relieves the skin from dryness and excessive sun exposure. The Facial Gel is good basis before applying the Day Cream.

Step 3:

To give the skin its daily nourishment, the last step is the Curaloe Day Cream. This Day Cream is a perfect combination of Pure Aloe Vera, African Shea Butter and Vitamins A and E. The Aloe Vera and African Shea Butter nourishes and softens the skin while the vitamins prevents from oxidation, thickens and stimulates the dermis. The dermis is the skin layer where the collagen, elastin and blood vessels are located. These ingredients together protects the skin from weather abuse and completes the good daily skin treatment.

If you want to learn more and see how to apply the products, watch the video below!

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