Introducing Curaloe & Curacao Ecocity Projects!
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Introducing Curaloe & Curacao Ecocity Projects!

Introducing Curaloe & Curacao Ecocity Projects!

“All that humankind needs for good health and healing is provided in nature—the challenge for science is to find it.”Paracelsus (1493-1541).

This is a quote from Paracelsus. He has become famous because of his knowledge of diseases and modern psychology often also credit him for being the first one to note that some diseases are rooted in psychological conditions. But what has Paracelsus to do with this blog about Curaloe®? Well, Paracelsus is saying that all needs for good health and healing is provided in nature. He also said that the challenge is to find it. We, from Curaloe®, took this challenge since 1997 and we believe we found that piece of nature that is good for your health and healing. Our products are pure and right from the fresh plants on our plantation in the Caribbean Sun.

Via these blogs we would like to tell you about the latest developments in our company so you get to know us and our amazing brand Curaloe® better. Every week we will post a new fresh blog, informing you about something new about our process, our products or aloe vera in general.

Now I hear you thinking: Which process? Well, we are one of the few plantations in the world that manage the entire process from plant to bottle in 1 location.

Most plantations are in the industry of manufacturing concentrate….powder. That is what they make, that is what they sell and that is where their process stops. We do not create concentrate but use step 1 in the process, pure aloe vera juice to make our end products with and do NOT use water and powder to reconstitute.

Challenge: We dare you to look at any cosmetic brand you currently have in your collection. The first ingredient on their list is….AQUA (water). In our case it is pure aloe vera.

So, let us introduce our self: We are Curaçao Ecocity Projects and we are the manufacturer of the brand Curaloe®. Curaloe® is the aggregation of Curaçao and Aloe Vera. Our group is established in Curaçao and in South Africa. The plantation and factory in Curaçao has started in 1997. In 2011, we also set up a plantation and factory in South Africa. In the blog next week, we will share more information about our history. At our plantation, factory and office in Curaçao we have 32 employees; a nice blend of cultures, Locals, Dutch, South Africans, Haitians and Colombians, most of whom have been in the family for a good many years. All of those people are working every day to make a beautiful product using the purest aloe vera so more people can enjoy the benefits of this amazing plant. You can also read this in our mission: “As a company, our mission is to provide high quality aloe vera ingredients and products to industries and end users, so that as many people as possible can benefit from the positive effects of the plant in its many uses.” Our vision is “to become one of the most well-respected, high-quality producers, not only in our home markets, but on a global scale.”

We also added a few pictures to this blog so you can see how our plantation, office and factory looks like in Curaçao. Dutch people say: A picture can tell you more than a thousand words, so enjoy!

Next week we will place a blog about the history of our brand and location in Curaçao and we will let you see the first phase in our process: from plant to bottle.

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