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Our ingredients

Our ingredients

ALOE VERA - The miracle plant that can be found in an extreme concentration in every Curaloe product. Aside from it's moisturizing, wound healing and transdermal properties, is it a natural anti-oxidant that keeps your body and skin young.

GRAPEFRUIT PEEL OIL - Grapefruit peel oil is extracted from the Citrus Grandis and helps maintain a young skin by making the cell renewing process go faster and has amazing detoxifying abilities.

AVOCADO BUTTER - Avocado butter provides great skincare due to its easy melting ability. The butter is easy to apply and very hydrating for the skin!

CUCUMBER EXTRACT - Cucumber extract contains polysacharides that provide hydrating and anti-inflammatory benefits.

LAVENDER OIL - Lavender Oil is very beneficial for the hair and the skin. The oil improves hair growth and reduces hair fall. When added to skin care products, it increases skin elasticity, smoothens the skin and reduces the formation of scar tissue. Due to its many benefits we use it in many of our products.

GRAPESEED OIL - Grapeseed oil is pressed from the seed of grapes and can easily be absorbed by the skin and nourishes and supports anti-free radical action. The oil does not only provide benefits for the skin, but also moisturizes the hair and can help to nurture the growth of healthy skin cells, helps to reduce hair loss and strengthens it.

OLIVE OIL - Olive Oil is retrieved from olives and has next to its many nutritional values, many benefits for the skin and hair. We use olive oil in different cremes as it increases the elasticity of the skin and works as a natural antioxidant. Next to the health benefits of using olive oil in skin products, olive oil is also a good ingredient for hair products, as it reduces scalp irritation, moisturizes the hair and provides a healthy glow!

TEA TREE OIL - Tea Tree Oil has an anti-bacterial function that is helpful in treating various skin problems.

ZINC OXIDE - Zinc oxide is beneficial to the skin in various ways. Zinc oxide has natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which support in treating the skin against itchy, irritated and chapped skin.

MANGO BUTTER Mango butter is a type of body butter made from the pit of the mango. It’s a light and moisturizing butter that does not add grease to your skin. Furthermore, the butter helps to encourage the production of collagen, which gives the skin its shape and strength.

CACAO BUTTER Cacao butter is a plant-based extracted fat from the cacao bean. The butter is high in fatty acids, which gives it the ability to nourish and hydrate the skin and give comfort to a dry scaly skin. Sign up for our newsletter

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